Baby Won’t Sleep? What You Can Do to Help

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Do you remember a when all you did was lay down, close your eyes and then you were off to dreamland? Do you remember a time when you smiled at the coming Saturday knowing that it was going to be a lie in kind of day? Do you remember when the only thing that woke you up in the morning was an alarm clock rather than the cries of a baby?

Everyone that has ever been a parent knows that when baby won’t sleep, nobody can sleep. It is natural for most infants to wake up a few times during the night, but when an older baby keeps his or her parents up all night, it can begin to tell on the parents. If you are thinking my baby won’t sleep through the night and you are stuck trying to find a solution, you could begin to seem a little desperate. You most likely want to know why your baby can’t sleep, and if there is a baby sleep solution of some kind you can use.

Remember when you used to lay down, close your eyes, and just sleep? Remember when Saturdays meant you could sleep in? Remember when you were woken up by an alarm clock rather than a crying baby?

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There are numerous reasons to consider why a baby won’t sleep. The aim of this article is to put together a few of these reason as to why your baby is not sleeping. There are going to be a few that are experienced by some babies, and not at all for others. The aim is to follow each reason with a possible solution, including numerous ideas on how you would be able to overcome your baby’s sleep issue.

While there are a host of problems, with numerous solutions, you have to realize that every baby is an individual and what might work for you might not work for another baby. Select a solution and give it a week to see if it works. If it doesn’t, there is no shame in heading back to the drawing board to select another solution.


My baby won’t sleep scenario 1

Do you find yourself rocking your baby and singing her to sleep in just under five minutes? This seems like a good deal, only for her to wake up an hour later and you have to start the entire process again. It seems like it is going to work this time, but alas, she wakes yet again and you have to start the entire process again. You find yourself doing this over the course of the night and can’t for the life of you figure out how to get her to sleep all through the night.

Experts state the issue with such a scenario is that your baby hasn’t learnt how to put herself to sleep. It is actually normal for us as humans to wake up every now and again during the night. This happens because we move through various sleep levels. What differentiates babies from us, is our ability to simply turn to the other side and head back to sleep. This is a skill that is sorely lacking in babies that have always been out to sleep. This causes them to not have the necessary skills needed to put themselves back to sleep in the middle of the night.

Baby Sleep Solution 1

It would be necessary for your baby to learn how she can comfort herself and fall asleep without any outside aid. It is easy to believe that falling asleep is a skill that is natural to babies, but this is actually something they will have to learn how to do. It is up to you to teach them. You can do this by slowly introducing a blanket or a soft toy when it is cuddling time. Later when your baby is put in her crib, you can add the blanket or soft toy. Doing this ensures that the blanket or toy would remind your child of the comforting times she had with you, causing her to fall asleep much better.

Another way to ensure that your child sleeps all through the night is to lay down with her in a bed that is sizeable enough for the both of you. This provides the opportunity for your baby to snuggle up to you and drift to sleep on her own, without the need for you to rock her or sing her to sleep. This enables you to simply get up after she is asleep. It is imperative that you get up just before your child sleeps. You should then try to lay her down, kiss her goodnight and head to your bed, or sit in a nearby chair to monitor her. Eventually, the aim is to be able to simply lay your child in bed and walk away.

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If you are the type of parent that is interested in singing lullabies to your little one, you can choose to get a playlist of soft lullaby music to play in the background once it gets to be around bed time. It is important that you play the lullabies only when it is bedtime so your child is able to associate those songs with going to sleep.

Baby Won’t Sleep Scenario 2

There are times that your baby would want to nap in the middle of the day, only to sleep on for much longer than you anticipated or would like. There are also times when he would choose to be up all night and seemingly be in a playful mood. The issue here is that your baby might not be able to differentiate between daytime and nighttime activities. This can be a bother to you particularly after you have had a long day and would just like to sleep.

Baby Sleep Solution 2

A great way to counter this is to create clear boundaries between daytime and nighttime activities. You should also look to limiting the hours of daytime naps to just three hours. What you can also do is create a schedule that you follow religiously. This simple schedule could include dinner, bath time, bedtime story and then bed, in that order. It is important that you establish an extremely strict nighttime routine so that your child is able to understand the routine as he grows older.

Baby Won’t Sleep Scenario 3

it could be that you have an extremely mellow baby, and that translates to your baby being very passive for the majority of the day and not expending as much energy as most other babies would. This translates to your baby not wanting to sleep when he really should.

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Baby Sleep Solution 3

The way around this is to try to make your child motivated during the day. You should take it upon yourself to get active, head out for a walk down the street or to the park with your baby. Introduce as much vestibular stimulation as possible. You could also engage in a bit of horsing around the house, sliding, or swinging around. Regardless of whatever activity you choose, it has to be something that tires out your baby to ensure he sleeps. This is how to get baby to sleep later on.
another reason why this important is because little babies that are not active enough have the chance of getting muscle aches at night, think of it as a baby version of restless leg syndrome. This is down to the fact that they have not been using their muscles sufficiently during the day. You can attempt to massage your baby’s arms and legs before bedtime. The best time to do this right after the night bath, snuggle your baby in a tower of warm and dry towels, massaging him to relaxation. This is a great way to transition to bedtime.

To ensure that your child is able to map out what a night routine is like, you should try to associate nighttime with certain smells and feelings. One of the ways to do this is to use run a warm bath which has been scented with lavender. Lavender is important as it has been shown to help ease stress when relaxing the body to make sleep much easier.

My Baby Won’t Sleep Scenario 4

There are times when no matter how tired your baby might be, she still wants to do nothing but get up and play. There is nothing wrong with this until she wants and craves attention during the night, rather than sleep.

Baby Sleep Solution 4

With this type of scenario, it is possible to use any of the solutions previously mentioned for the other scenarios, as they are bound to work in this case. Things such as creating a night time routine and ensuring that your baby is relaxed before heading to bed by giving her a nice massage. However, the most imperative thing to consider is that you have to be extremely committed and consistent in tackling a baby that is overly interactive. You should at no point in time should you acquiesce to your baby’s need to play. You also have to make sure that anybody else involved in your baby’s care-giving sticks to the script as well. It can be difficult to ignore the little laughs and sweet smiles your baby makes in the middle of the night, but regardless, one thing you should not do is play. When you decide to falter and play with your baby, you only reinforce the behavior. You child begins to realize that she is able to with enough perseverance get anything she wants, especially if it is to play with you in the middle of the night. It is important that you are consistent at night time even if everyone else living in the house is away. What this means is you have to use the least amount of lights as possible, speak with lower voices, and if you, in turn, feel like singing, stick to those songs that signify nighttime for your baby. It might seem like a tall order, but if you do every one of these on a consistent basis, your baby is bound to get the hint and understand that there is a time for play and it never coincides with the time for sleep, no matter how cute they are.

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Baby Won’t Sleep Scenario 5

You get people that ask you how your baby sleeps, only for you to respond that he sleeps very well during the day but terribly at night. if you discover that your baby takes very long naps during the day, but has difficulty sleeping for an extended period of time during the night, it might be necessary to take measures.

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Baby Sleep Solution 5: How to Get Baby To Sleep Later

It might be easy to see those long afternoon naps as a wonderful time for you to get other things such as housework or chores done, but having your baby sleep for an extended amount of time during the day can negatively affect sleep at night. everyone knows that babies are supposed to take naps, but when those naps begin to interfere with the natural night time sleep pattern, it would be time for a change. When you calculate that your baby sleeps 2 hours or so in the day, but only sleeps 4 hours at night, that means your baby is only getting 6 hours of sleep in a day. This is woefully poor for proper brain development. It might be necessary to skip the nap so you are able to achieve a minimum of 10 hours per night.

Changing your child’s sleep routine can make the greatest difference in his sleep pattern. Reducing the total hours of day nap time from 2 hours to 1 hour can add 3 to 4 hours to nighttime sleep. Doing this in conjunction with having a strict nighttime routine can help add hours of sleep.

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